Thursday, February 20, 2020

...and an introduction to "Weavers of Fate"

Summary: The second part of the introduction to the Quassus setting. This is a slightly more zoomed-in perspective on the story, showcasing how the previously mentioned events around the Despotate have been perceived by the player characters. These passages marked the beginning of the game session and it was extremely satisfying that this spoken prelude hooked the players so hard into the setting, it felt to me that they went into it with a ton of zeal.


The summoning cry for war came from Knez Lazarus. The Ottoman Sultanate desires to stab the blades of its daggers deep toward central Europe. Massive hordes gather on the territory of the already conquered Peloponnesus and the mighty Knez must react. He must unite what is left of the Serbian Despotate and stop the enemy in its tracks. Many have responded to his call to go towards the south under a common banner and charge towards the enemy, for the fate of all Christendom will be decided on the Field of Blackbirds.

Alas, your acknowledgment of the call to battle had to be silent and ignorant, because your lord is one of those knezi who let their selfish ambitions ruin the once powerful Empire. As soldiers of one Knez Sokolic, you were forbidden to leave the duties of protecting his principality, under the penalty of death. The only thing left for you was to shamefully watch other lords lead your brothers and sisters in arms into the coming conflict, hoping that the maw of the enemy is not already gaping and awaiting its prey. 

Months have passed since then, yet still there is no word coming back from the south. In the meantime, your resentment for your lord has grown bloated and the desire for bigger and better things stirs inside you, slowly killing the fear of the death penalty with which you were threatened previously.

The recent few nights gave birth to a seed of hope that might bring the fruition of these ambitions. Several soldiers from your battalion have heard rumors in the village tavern, that the Knez received some kind of letter to which he will soon have to respond with action.

The army in the south has been crushed, these lands will surely be next,” it was whispered.
Something is not right with the valley up in the hills, that tower there is cursed,” groaned some who have been worried.
Some of the drunken townsfolk cried spitefully. “The old witch has left his spire, leaving behind many riches!” 

Whether these rumors were true or are simply the ramblings of disheartened soldiers and villagers, it matters not for you, because this is the time which pushes you forward. Discord is creeping up within the soldiers of the Knez Sokolic and the coming chaos of weakening morale might help you cover your tracks. Now is the time to escape the lord and take your fate into your hands. The old man in the spire might not help your cause, but his gold and riches certainly could.

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