Monday, March 30, 2020

Secret Jackalope 2020 - Table of Lost Races

Summary: My entry for the Secret Jackalope 2020 community event over on the OSR Discord. The request in question was as follows:
"A random generator of "lost races": origin, features, technology/magic/artifacts, vice, reason of disappearance/decline, how many of them remains and in what form? Maybe put this on a d6 (or d10) table, with a column for each detail. Pulp, early science fantasy style."
- by evil scientist of Eldritch Fields

I'll be entirely honest, pulpy science fantasy is not my forte. Although I find it fascinating and intriguing, I have severe difficulty crafting solid setting elements and stories for the genre. I ended up making a few adjustments to the request, some bits I skipped, but some other things were added instead (like the "Structural and environmental legacy"). The table ended up rather huge, so I cut it in two separate tables just so that it could fit the width of the blog.

No doubt that this was an interesting challenge, so I hope that a particularly Evil Scientist and the most holy Jackalope will be pleased! Let me know your thoughts.

Two notes regarding specific table entries:
...* - roll "Name" column again
_____* - roll "Social structure" and "Name" column again (re-roll if result is the same as previously rolled)

d10 Social structure Name Origin Description
1. Roaming Tribes of ...* Xia-Hes Ambrosia-9 Cluster Cyan-skinned humanoids with 7 eyes
2. The Last Colony of ...* Hoogluk The floating rings of the Dark Star Invisible cyclopean giants with four hands, two heads and three brains 
3. The Discovered Society of ...* Omega Prime The Tri-Moon Constellation Telepathic mantis-men with angelic wings of blue cobalt feathers 
4. The …* Molecular Raiders Zuoqosz Decomposing Plains of Shaghar  Benign ephemeral humanoids with spider heads 
5. …*, The Solar Cabals  Terra Peregrinator The Boiling Swamplands  Beings of pure dark matter made flesh 
6. Shattered Clans of …* Ghu-rlok  Underdeeps of Molten Nova-45  Sentient Star-Rocks sculpted as a caricature of the human form 
7. Consolidated Nations of ...*  Wyrloom  The Inner- Plannar Void  Centipede-folk with human hands on each limb and the head of a shrimp 
8. Lunar Hordes of ...*  Ska^thar-i  The spawning vats of _____*  Gaseous organisms wearing space suits with polycarbonated spheroidal dome helmets 
9. …*, The Sprawling Hive-Mind  Gweedonyans  Wastes of the Purple Sands  Feline anthropomorphs heavily enchanced with Psyberware 
10.  The Drifting Fleets of ...*  Fei-tryn^a  Dried Reefs of the Evaporated Sea  Adamantine techno-primates controlled by C.S.N.M. (Central Synaptic Network Mother) 

d10 Reason for decline Remaining Architectural and environmental legacy Technology/Artifacts left behind
1. Annihilated in a nuclear civil war Completely extinct, some things are simply beyond salvation The Inverted Gardens of Spi-ur FleshGrafter-395 gun
2. Slowly whithered away over time, due to an elder curse cast long ago Splintered and assimilated into various other tribes The Apotheosis Frequency Antennae Semi-functional historical archiver drone with 36% memory fragmented correctly. Pass-key required
3. Self-sacrificed to repel a non-euclidean ancient being Last living member ascended to godhood Hanging Luminous Spires of the planetar underbelly Bio-Vat Capsules
4. Mass suicide, reason unknown Exiled from the star system The White Spiral of the Abscess Forest CO3 Life ray cannon
5. Vital parts of natural habitat tainted beyond repair A handful of wandering elders The Derelict Hovering Sky-City Dark Matter Manipulator beam
6. Exterminated by _____* Unknown, but occassional violent encounters have been logged Splintered Dome of the Southern Frost-land UNIVAC-0 machine with label “Codex Terranicus”
7. Ripped out of reality after a botched attempt to artificially create a wormhole Extinct and almost entirely erased by time No structures, instead they left massive gravitational distortions across the entire planet The Translucent Radio Emitter 707
8. Collective apotheosis of the majority of members, at the expense of others who perished Last surviving pair of the species is protected by _____* Floating orbital debris around the Hexatonal Mountains None, they despised their own inventions
9. Collateral damage as a result of a conflict between _____* and _____* Presumed extinct, but a sighting of one member of the race has been reported on Delta-12 Moon The only legacy left is an unleashed toxic vapor storm which harbors all kinds of mutated viral contagions A decaying space-suit with a faintly buzzing, undecipherable radio transmittion in its headset
10.  Self-inflicted societal collapse, reasons unknown Enslaved and decimated by _____* A series of protective vibrating rings around a wormhole orbiting the planet The Voidling Star-Seeds

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  1. Thank you so much! This is amazing!

    I think you did a great job capturing the atmosphere of lost cosmic races. A small personal favorite is the inclusion of "None, they despised their own inventions" for artifacts... very flavorful!