Wednesday, July 15, 2020

"The Planeshifted Insectarium of St. Tindalonius" - One Page Dungeon 2020

Summary: The title is rather self-explanatory, this is my entry for the annual "One Page Dungeon" contest. Short description and a download link included below.

When I started doing the Gygax75 challenge (which I abruptly stopped during week 3 due to abnormalities in real life, but I'll eventually get back to it) I quickly realized that I don't have much talent for dungeon design. In the midst of that agony, someone on the OSR discord mentioned that the deadline for the "One Page Dungeon" contest is looming closer, so I decided to jump on that boat and try to make something for it. 

Initially I didn't even plan on submitting, it was just a good excuse for a design exercise. Fate would have it that the deadline got pushed back some two weeks, so I managed to complete my entry and submit it last night, a day before closing. 

I'm honestly not sure what sparked the idea for this dungeon. I came up with a name and it sounded cool, so I built from there. 20/20 hindsight, I'd add more details to it, since I ended up with more free space than I expected and I'd clean up the grid in the background. I probably also managed to forsake some usability in favor of the dungeon being visually nicer, yet I tried giving as much space to the GM/players as possible, so that it can be modified/completed in various ways. Overall, I'm happy how it turned out, especially since this is my very first 1PD! In any case, without further ado, I present to you:

One of the gates leading to the long-lost Insectarium is finally open. Does it still hold the obscure knowledge and treasure which you seek?

A 1-page relatively-Jaquayed, color-coded dungeon which includes, but is not limited to:
  • Weird, sentient insects (duh!) such as the Contemplating Booklice, the Cursing Mantis, Bullet-point Ants, a Jumping Klazomanic Spider and its lost, wandering brood
  • Descriptions of strange buildings such as the Librarynth, the God-cage, the Antholith and the fabled Floating Spire of St. Tindalonius
  • A few random loot tables with various peculiar items and a library that has all books in existence
  • A short wandering monster/random event table
  • Bad art!
If you have any thoughts or, gods forbid, you end up using this thing, do let me know your thoughts and/or experiences! Feedback will be much appreciated.

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