Monday, February 15, 2021

One Page Dungeon 2020 contest results

Summary: A short post about humbly signal-boosting my own awesomeness.

Some of you might remember that I dropped my dungeon into the 1-page Dungeon contest previous summer. So much time passed since then that I somewhat forgot that the results were yet to be announced. Until a few weeks ago on Twitter...

The judges deemed my creation worthy, thus out of 150 entries mine landed into the top 10! Mind = blown.

Holy shit! "The Moth" is my other nick btw 

Honestly, I never thought it would achieve anything. I mostly used the contest as an exercise, since I never made a one page dungeon before. It was a fun little experiment and the overall process that I went through was quite enjoyable. A great sense of accomplishment to submit, especially since I managed to complete the dungeon on the exact evening of the competition closing, as it was a rush against the clock due to the fact that I remembered the competition when the end date was already approaching. 

Overall, feeling quite proud of myself, if I’m being honest. Small victories! Will probably take some time to make a post and sum up a few valuable things I learned during the course of making the dungeon.

In any case, if you still didn’t check out my creation, maybe you’d want to do it now that it has a stamp of approval! Hope you enjoy it and definitely let me know if you end up using it in any way, shape, or form.

The Planeshifted Insectarium of St. Tindalonius

Be sure to check out the dungeons of all the other participants on the list, there are some amazing creations out there!


  1. Fucking congrats man! That's awesome.

    1. Thanks, unexpected surprises are the best haha!
      Hope to see your submission this year!